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IHOP reveals name change stands for burgers, disappoints everyone

There were a lot of possibilities when IHOP announced it was flipping its "p" upside down and invited the internet to guess what the "b" in IHOb stood for.

None of those possibilities should've been burgers. But this is the twisted reality we're stuck with:

It could've been bacon, or the all-inclusive breakfast. Perhaps an expanded menu for brunch, or some crafty breakfast burritos. But people apparently guessed this anticlimactic answer, which IHOP announced Monday. Or should we say IHOb, since the pancake-turned-burger house is going all in with the switch.

Diehard IHOP-ers may recognize that yes, the restaurant did already sell burgers. But these decked-out additions are made from higher quality beef, and IHOP will give you a free drink to try one. For those who previously enjoyed dining at the International House of Bland, bancakes and all the traditional breakfast foods are still available.