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Trump-Kim Summit

CNN's Brian Stelter scoffs at Sean Hannity's Trump interview: It's more a 'chat among friends'

Color CNN's Brian Stelter unimpressed.

On Monday, Fox News confirmed that host Sean Hannity is having a sit-down interview with President Trump while he's in Singapore for the summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Considering Trump and Hannity are close and reportedly even talk before going to bed, Stelter noted on Twitter that this isn't that big of a coup. "If you're talking with your biggest supporter on TV, an informal adviser to your [White House], someone who's been called your 'shadow chief of staff,' someone you've shared a lawyer with ... is it really an 'interview?' Maybe a 'chat among friends?'"

As for Hannity, he spent his radio show on Monday pumping up Trump. "I actually think the world and Trump have won before he ever got here," he said. "Think about this: Did anyone else ever get Little Rocket Man — Kim Jong Un — did they ever get him to literally take a test site, a nuclear test site, and dismantle it? The liberal policy of appeasement of, well frankly, ass-kissing and ring-kissing, and bowing before dictators and despots, it doesn't work."