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polls and prayers

Young people are losing their religion

Pray all you want, but young people in much of the world are still getting less religious.

There are only two countries in the world — Chad and Ghana — where people under 40 are more likely to identify with a religious group than older people, a Pew Research study reveals. Young people either shy away from religion or match their older counterparts' enthusiasm everywhere else.

That trend is especially strong in developed countries. Researchers suggest worship attendance is strong in emerging nations, like those in sub-Saharan Africa, because those people feel less safe and have lower life expectancies. As countries become more stable, citizens drift away from religion.

The U.S.'s religiosity stands out in the study despite its developed economy, Pew shows. About 55 percent of Americans pray daily, compared to 8 percent in Switzerland, which has a similar adjusted GDP.

Pew compiled 10 of its religious surveys taken around the world between 2008 and 2017 to produce the report. Read more results here.