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you pesky kids

Trump likens immigrants to someone trespassing on your lawn

Just as the U.S. is increasingly difficult to enter as an undocumented immigrant, the White House lawn is notoriously challenging to breach.

While President Trump is happy to allow an enterprising 11-year-old to mow the South Lawn, he's apparently not so eager to let immigrants on the premises, or onto U.S. soil at all. Tell immigrants to get out, Trump tweeted on Thursday, "and they must leave, just as they would if they were standing on your front lawn."

The tweet was one of Trump's many calls for a more straightforwardly harsh immigration system. Hoping to cut down on legal proceedings that determine whether an immigrant qualifies for asylum, Trump said that the U.S. shouldn't hire "thousands of 'judges,'" which no one is trying to do. "Fix our insane immigration laws now!" read the text of a subsequent tweet. "Get off my lawn!" read the subtext.