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sacred handshake

Trump has 'confidence' that Kim Jong Un will honor their handshake agreement to denuclearize — despite all the evidence

Even though North Korea admonished the Trump administration's "gangster-like" approach to denuclearization talks, President Trump isn't concerned.

Trump on Monday tweeted that he has "confidence" in North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, predicting that Kim would "honor the contract" that they each signed during the June summit in Singapore. "Even more importantly," wrote Trump, Kim will honor "our handshake."

The summit didn't lead to any immediate tangible steps toward denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, leading some to criticize Trump's overly self-congratulatory analysis. The criticism, along with North Korea's labeling talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as "deeply regrettable," has perhaps left the president feeling defensive. Despite Trump's assurances, whether Kim holds the all-important handshake in equally high regard remains to be seen, but The New York Times reports that he's at least on board with a "friendly relationship and trust."