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The New York Times envisions a Trump-Putin love affair in this salacious, repulsive video cartoon

Jokes about President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin's so-called love affair have persisted for years. But apparently the trope isn't tired enough for The New York Times.

On Monday morning, before the U.S.-Russia summit, the Times' opinion section tweeted an absurd video rehashing the homophobic rhetoric for the umpteenth time.

This episode of Trump Bites, which the Times calls a series of "satirical video cartoons" stringing together recorded Trump quotes, envisions the president as a teenager imagining a "forbidden romance" between himself and Putin. The lecherous premise is disgusting enough, but the actual product is far worse. Imagine a shirtless Putin and underwear-clad Trump on a daisy-pooping unicorn, complete with nipple twisting and a look into the two leaders' entwined mouths. Or don't. That's fine too.

If you absolutely, positively must, watch below. Kathryn Krawczyk