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Hillary Clinton is taking a stake in the midterm elections

Hillary Clinton is getting ready for the midterms. Very, very quietly.

No, she's not running. Clinton is keeping a low profile — while shoveling money to Democratic candidates across the U.S., CNN reports.

Clinton's political organization Onward Together has offered the maximum donation of $5,000 to 19 Democratic House candidates and four secretary of state candidates, Federal Election Commission filings show. Most of the House candidates are on Onward's list of Democratic candidates who are likely to flip currently Republican districts, and many are in districts Clinton won in the 2016 election, CNN notes.

But Clinton probably won't follow these big checks with campaign appearances. She has only showed up at one political event this year: a fundraiser for a Georgia gun control activist, an official tells CNN. Clinton knows she's not popular with Republicans, so she's avoided outspoken support for Democratic candidates who are on the edge of winning this fall, sources say.

After all, Clinton knows that "there has never been a more important midterm election," a spokesman tells CNN. And keeping herself out of the game could be the best way for Democrats win it.