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Who Is Sacha Baron Cohen?

Sacha Baron Cohen and Joe Arpaio have an amazingly inappropriate chat about Trump

Early voting has already started in Arizona's Republican Senate primary, and one of the leading candidates, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, was Sacha Baron Cohen's unwitting guest on Sunday's Who Is America? This time, Cohen was using the persona OMGWhizzBoyOMG!, billed as "Denmark Number 1 Unboxing!" For some reason, Arpaio agreed to appear on a show about obsessing over Shopkins, and he willingly engaged in the unboxing when one of the little plastic charms, "D'lish Donut," started arguing for gun control. OMGWhizzBoyOMG appeared to win Arpaio over when he said he had a large gun collection himself, to prepare for the coming "race war."

Cohen shifted the conversation to President Trump, appearing surprised that Arpaio knows the president. And things got weird, fast. Arpaio said it "wouldn't surprise me" if Trump "had a golden shower," and when Cohen asked if Trump would give him a "golden shower," Arpaio said, "If he sees this and the way you're speaking, he's going to like you, because you think like he thinks." OMGWhizzBoyOMG's use of a creative malapropism for manual labor appeared to throw Arpaio off, because when Cohen asked if Arpaio would accept a certain kind of sexual favor from Trump, Arpaio responded, "I may have to say yes." If you watch the mildly NSFW video below, keep in mind that it was edited and that Senate hopefuls sometimes have to take what free media they can get. Laughing and cringing are also appropriate. Peter Weber