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Omarosa speaks

The Republican Party declares war on Omarosa

Omarosa Manigault Newman has the GOP on edge.

White House officials say they're "scared sh-tless of her," and it appears the Republican Party establishment is as well. The former Apprentice contestant and senior White House adviser to President Trump is currently promoting a new White House tell-all, Unhinged. The book reportedly makes some stunning claims, calling Trump a "racist, a bigot, and a misogynist," and Manigault Newman made secret recordings to back up her accusations of corruption.

The GOP has responded to the public drama with a brazen campaign of its own, tweeting out several messages intended to discredit the former White House employee. "Omarosa will clearly say anything to make a buck," the GOP wrote in one tweet. "It's obvious that no one should believe a word she says." Another tweet included a clip of an ABC News guest calling her recordings "an affront," while yet another called her a "terrible liar."

The campaign continued Monday, with a montage of news clips calling Manigault Newman everything from "unethical" to "evil." Lastly, in perhaps the ultimate sign of an ongoing disparagement campaign, Trump tweeted his own attack on Manigault Newman, giving her an official nickname: "Wacky Omarosa."