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Donald Trump Jr. speculates that the New York Times op-ed writer is a 'very low-level person'

Donald Trump Jr. thinks that whoever wrote the New York Times op-ed about an alleged resistance inside the Trump administration is probably a "low-level person" who might not even work in the government anymore.

The president's eldest son sat down with Good Morning America on Tuesday to talk about the op-ed, calling the writer of last week's bombshell piece "disgusting." He also told ABC that he thinks the unidentified writer, whom the White House has reportedly been frantically trying to find, is a "very low-level person" and maybe even "a disgruntled person who's been thrown out because they didn't deliver what they were supposed to do."

The Times described the anonymous author as a senior administration official who currently works in the Trump administration, not a former employee as Trump Jr. suggests. But the president himself previously called into question the legitimacy of the Times' claims, speculating on Twitter that the author might not really exist at all.

Although Trump Jr. floated the idea that the source may be an unimportant former employee, he also suggested the Justice Department should investigate because the author is "subverting the will of the people." You can watch GMA's interview with Trump Jr. below. Brendan Morrow