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Late Night Tackles Kanye

Jimmy Kimmel sat back and let Kanye West and Donald Trump write his jokes for him Thursday

President Trump doesn't make writing a comedy show easier, Jimmy Kimmel said on Thursday's Kimmel Live. "In fact, in a way it makes it harder to be funny when nonsense and stupidity is pouring on your head at all times. So the jokes do not write themselves — or should I say, they did not write themselves until today, when Kanye West visited the White House. I kind of feel like every day I say, 'Oh, it was a crazy day, today was the craziest day' — this was something special."

Kimmel said he had no idea why they allowed cameras in to capture the Kanye-Trump Oval Office sit-down, "because not only was this a crazy conversation for this White House, this is the kind of conversation that would typically be held between people wearing hospital bracelets." He played part of West's monologue, annotated with Trump thought bubbles. "Now he knows how we feel every morning when we wake up to him," Kimmel laughed.

Kid Rock also made a White House appearance Thursday. "Donald Trump is such a monumental narcissist that any famous person who puts on a red hat gets a visit and plenty of time for one-on-one," Kimmel said. "This ranting and raving, this is the kind of thing that happens on the subway in New York, not in the Oval Office. Watching this today, the only thing I could compare it to is Tom Hanks talking to Wilson the volleyball." He tried that out, and it kind of worked. "Kanye went on for almost 10 minutes uninterrupted, covering an insane variety of subjects, and if you missed it, we whittled it down to the best of the dragon-energy best," Kimmel added, laughing through the highlights reel. "It's like Trump is sitting across from his own Twitter account come to life." Watch below. Peter Weber