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Elon Musk announces 'Teslaquila'

Why get regular-drunk when you can instead get a futuristic, electric-powered buzz?

Tesla has applied for a trademark for "Teslaquila," Bloomberg reported Friday. Yes, that Tesla — the electric car company, run by eccentric billionaire Elon Musk, has decided to enter an entirely new market, selling its own Tesla-branded tequila.

"Teslaquila" apparently started as an April Fools' Day joke, when Musk tweeted that Tesla had gone bankrupt and that he was consoling himself with some very special liquor. "Bankwupt!" said the prank sign in his post.

But the prank is now very real. Based on the filing, Tesla hasn't actually made any tequila yet, but applied to get the trademark as soon as production begins. Musk confirmed the news in a tweet.

Tesla hasn't shared any details regarding where or when the "distilled agave liquor" will be sold, whether the bottles will be self-pouring, or if they will come with a Boring Company flamethrower on the side. So for now, all we have is a picture of a tequila bottle with the Tesla logo slapped on top, and a slightly suspenseful tweet from Musk: "Coming soon..."