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Trump v. Truth

Trump averaged 15 lies a day in 2018, triple his 2017 average, The Washington Post estimates

President Trump had a banner year for falsehoods, untruths, misleading claims, and other forms of lies. According to the latest updated tally from The Washington Post's Fact Checker team, Trump told more than 5,600 untruths in 2018, nearly triple the 1,989 lies he told during his first year in office. That amounts to an average of 15 false statements a day, though that average includes the zero lies Trump told publicly on Jan. 1 and the 139 he told on Nov. 5, during the apex of his pre-election mendacity.

Trump spent nearly the first half of the year and most of December at his 2017 average of 200 to 250 lies a month, but that increased to 500 falsehoods in June, July, and August, then 600 in September, more than 1,200 in October, and nearly 900 in November, the Post found. More than 25 percent of Trump's lies were told at rallies, another quarter at press events, and 17 percent were disseminated via Twitter. And, as the Post demonstrates in the video below, many of Trump's 5,600+ falsehoods this year were repeat events:

"Even as Trump's fact-free statements proliferate, there is growing evidence that his approach is failing," the Post says, pointing to polls showing that Americans increasingly view Trump as unusually dishonest. "When before have we seen a president so indifferent to the distinction between truth and falsehood, or so eager to blur that distinction?" presidential historian Michael Beschloss pondered earlier this year. The Constitution foresaw presidents more in the mold of George Washington, he said, adding that not telling lies "is a bedrock expectation of a president by Americans." You can read more about Trump's record at The Washington Post.