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Rudy Giuliani confirms fears the White House will try to alter the Mueller report

Rudy Giuliani wants to see Special Counsel Robert Mueller's final report before anyone else.

As reports suggest Mueller is getting close to finishing his probe into President Trump's campaign's involvement with Russian election interference, Giuliani said Thursday that the special counsel "should show [the report] to you — so we can correct it if they're wrong." It's only "a matter of fairness," the former New York City mayor and current member of Trump's legal team told The Hill.

The idea that Trump could interfere with what's supposed to be an independent investigation has mostly revolved around the possibility of Trump firing Mueller as special counsel. That seemed more likely when Mueller probe critic Matt Whitaker was appointed acting attorney general. But there have also been concerns that Trump's team would somehow interfere with what Mueller reported to the public, which Giuliani has now confirmed could happen. He said he'd like to see the report right after Mueller's team finishes it because "they're not God, after all. They could be wrong."

Giuliani also responded to the announcement that Trump's former lawyer would testify before Congress next month, calling it a "big deal!," per The Hill. He went on to say former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort shouldn't have shared 2016 polling data with a suspected Russian operative, as Mueller apparently alleges, but added "there's nothing criminal about it."