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Late night Tackles the government shutdown

Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah can't believe Trump might actually shut down the government again

"Congratulations — we have a government," Stephen Colbert said on Monday's Late Show. He poked a little fun at the wall-less "compromise" deal President Trump signed to reopen the government, but "not everyone out there thinks that Donald Trump folded like an origami swan. For instance, Donald Trump." He read Trump's tweet about this not being a "concession" and threatening that if he doesn't get his wall money in 21 days, it's "off to the races!" And, Colbert continued in Trump voice, "believe me folks, I know races — many people call me a racist."

Trump doubts he would accept less than $5.7 billion for his wall, "so just to be clear, he's making the exact same offer, backed by the exact same threat, but somehow he expects different results," Colbert recapped. "Well, you know what they say: The definition of insanity is Donald Trump."

"Have you ever noticed how all of Trump's accomplishments are just fixing things that he broke?" Trevor Noah asked on The Daily Show. "Although it was only 35 days, the government shutdown's effects will continue to hurt America for a while. And maybe it would have been all worth it for Trump if he had gotten some of that sweet, sweet wall money. But he folded with nothing to show for it. And even some of his strongest supporters are admitting that Trump got owned by Nancy Pelosi, bigly." He showed some examples.

"Damn, you know it's bad when even Trump's personal cheerleaders are dunking on him," Noah said. "You understand, these are the people he watches every night to make him feel good about himself." He had a good laugh at the indefatigable Trump boosters spinning this as a victory, "but if you ignore the stans over at Fox News, it's pretty clear this shutdown was a political disaster for President Trump," he said, and "only a true moron" would try it again. Watch below. Peter Weber