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Republican districts will see the most economic damage from climate change

Political districts led by Republicans will likely see the greatest economic losses when it comes to mounting climate costs, a report from the Brookings Institute found.

The analysis shows that many Southern metro areas will bear the brunt of coastal property damage caused by climate change, with eight Florida metro areas ranking in the top ten of large metros most likely to be affected.

In contrast to many Southern states, some Northern areas stand to benefit from projected climate change impacts. The Northwest specifically could make major increases in agricultural yields while the Southwest, Southeast, and especially Florida could experience an increase in climate-caused deaths, per the report.

Fourteen of the top 15 states expected to have the highest economic burden caused by climate change voted for President Trump in 2016. Trump has previously said he doesn't "see" the effects of climate change, despite research from his own administration outlining the damage.

The number of people saying they feel the consequences of global warming has increased over the last several years, but climate change still remains a low priority among voters, reports Nature, an international journal of science.