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even rats are tough enough

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio bluntly suggests Amazon wasn't tough enough to 'make it in New York City'

It takes some serious grit to stare down subway rats every day and not start drafting a "Why I'm leaving New York" blog post. Apparently, Amazon didn't have it, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio suggested Thursday.

Amazon will scrap plans to build a second headquarters in Queens following opposition from "a number of state and local politicians," it announced in a statement on Thursday. The company had promised to bring 25,000 jobs to New York, and was slated to receive $3 billion in state and city incentive packages. De Blasio helped orchestrate those incentives and seemed firmly on Amazon's side until Thursday, when he released a harsh statement saying Amazon "threw away" its shot at working with "the greatest city in the world."

Before Thursday, De Blasio had largely supported the deal, at one point deflecting questions about whether Amazon's investment would fix the city's broken subway system and suggesting ferries might be the best way to get to the new headquarters.