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Late Night Tackles Trump and North Korea

Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers try to figure out where Trump and Kim Jong Un's relationship went so wrong

"When President Obama left office, he warned Donald Trump that Kim Jong Un's nuclear threat would be his biggest challenge — well, that and learning to read," Trevor Noah said on Thursday's Daily Show. "It turns out Obama may have been right" — though not in the way he envisioned.

The sudden failure of the second Trump-Kim nuclear talks was shocking, "because my boy Trump has been telling us that he and Kim Jong Un are good, and I mean, like, real good," Noah said. "You see? Trump and Kim fell in love. And I know that sounds weird, but when you think about it, Kim Jong Un is totally Donald Trump's type, right? All of Trump's best relationships are with people who are half his age and don't speak English."

"When the summit started, it seemed like love was still in the air," Noah said. So "what turned their love affair sour? Well, it's the same thing that turns most relationships sour: They both just wanted different things." He acted out their "classic relationship dilemma" in some detail, with Kim as the man in the pair and Trump lamenting, "I need to build a wall around my heart!"

"Trump still believes that they can work things out," and it's "so tough to watch," Noah said. "We really have all been there: You told your friends this was going to work out, and despite the warnings, you still carried on. And now you're trying to save face because you think everyone's judging you — which we totally are. But instead of dragging this out, Donald, I think it's time to accept that maybe, just maybe, Kim is just not that into you."

"Everything about this summit was weird," from the White House press pool's broken bus to Trump's handshakes, Late Night's Seth Meyers said. And while it would be nice to get "a coherent explanation of where things stand, given the stakes," he said, maybe things fell apart because "Trump was distracted by the big story looming over the summit," Michael Cohen's "explosive congressional testimony." Watch Meyers elaborate below. Peter Weber