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More women than men are getting hired from LinkedIn

Recruiters look at male profiles more frequently on LinkedIn, but women are the ones more likely to get hired, per a Gender Insights Report published by the company.

Recruiters are 13 percent less likely to view a woman's profile when it appears and 3 percent less likely to send her a message. But once they do apply, women are 16 percent more likely to be hired and 18 percent more likely to be hired in a senior role capacity, per the report.

Despite similar levels of interest in new job opportunities, women were 16 percent less likely than men to apply for a job after viewing the listing, and women overall applied to 20 percent fewer jobs than men.

Research shows men are more likely to apply for jobs they meet 60 percent of the desired criteria for, whereas women feel they have to be 100 percent qualified before applying, reports Fast Company.

The LinkedIn report was conducted by reviewing data from 610 million user profiles in 2018. View the full report here.