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Trump implausibly claims his 'Tim Apple' flub was a time-saving measure

When President Trump called Apple CEO Tim Cook "Tim Apple," everyone laughed for a good five seconds and moved on. Trump, on the other hand, just can't let it go.

Trump bungled Cook's name last Wednesday, prompting the tech CEO to adopt the moniker on Twitter. Yet two whole days later, Trump reportedly insisted to Republican donors at Mar-a-Lago that the "fake news" had gotten it all wrong. Trump insisted he actually said "Tim Cook Apple" quickly, but just said the "Cook" part too quietly for anyone to hear, Axios reports.

People at the event reportedly didn't "understand" why Trump countered something that was literally on video, with one donor telling Axios: "It doesn't even matter!" Trump begged to differ, then insisted in a Monday morning tweet that he cut out Cook's last name for efficiency's sake.

Trump neglected to explain the inconsistencies between his excuses, or why he's so fixated on a simple slip-up.