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defining the race

Paul Ryan lays out a scenario where Trump loses in 2020

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan thinks President Trump losing re-election is very much a possibility.

Ryan said during a speech in Vero Beach on Monday that Trump should ensure the 2020 race is not primarily about his personality, because that could be detrimental, TCPalm.com reports.

"The person who defines that race is going to win the race," Ryan said. "If this is about Donald Trump and his personality, he isn't going to win it."

Ryan reportedly suggested Trump focus his re-election race on his policy achievements.

Ryan retired from Congress in January. In his final months in office, he and Trump publicly clashed over whether the president has the authority to end birthright citizenship by executive order, with Ryan saying he doesn't and Trump shooting back that Ryan "knows nothing about" the issue. In the weeks after Ryan's departure, Trump publicly blamed him for not getting a southern border wall built, saying in an interview, "I was very disappointed in Paul."