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Meghan McCain quietly dismantles Trump for his 'pathetic' attacks on her late father

Meghan McCain laid into President Trump on The View on Monday after his repeated Twitter attacks on her late father.

"He spends his weekend obsessing over great men because he knows it, and I know it, and all of you know it: he will never be a great man," McCain said of Trump's weekend tweets about John McCain. She went on to say that her father, who died in 2018 following a battle with brain cancer, continues to be Trump's kryptonite even in death and that Trump spent his weekend not with his family or his friends but "obsessing over great men" who he could "never live up to," adding, "that tells you everything you need to know about his pathetic life right now."

Trump over the weekend had attacked John McCain in numerous tweets and retweets, criticizing his vote against repealing the Affordable Care Act and falsely saying he leaked the Russia dossier written by Christopher Steele to the media prior to the 2016 election. A McCain associate testified that he shared the dossier with the media in 2017, not McCain himself; McCain did share the dossier with the FBI, but not until after the election, The Washington Post reports. Trump also falsely said McCain was last in his class at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Watch McCain's comments on The View below. Brendan Morrow