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Brexit is going terribly — and so is this nude protest in Parliament

Naked Brexit protesters.

Brexit was getting too predictable anyway.

On Monday, British members of Parliament debated and voted on another round of Brexit deals. They've been doing this for approximately two years now with no tangible results, so it comes as a bit of surprise that protesters were quite literally glued to this latest round of indicative votes.

As MPs weighed four of the eight Brexit proposals they picked last week, a group of protesters stripped down in a viewing area above Parliament to protest something else entirely. Soundproof glass separated the so-called Extinction Rebellion from Parliament below, so they got their attention by wearing next to nothing, painting their bodies gray, and wearing elephant masks. This was somehow supposed to convey they were "the elephant in the room," also known as climate and ecological crises, and they most definitely took it too far.

It's unclear if MPs got the message, but they did throw some pretty excellent puns into their Brexit debates. "Fleshing out" an argument, "cheeky intervention," and "the naked truth" were apparently heard, Politico and The Guardian recount. A slightly NSFW photo of the situation — tweeted with another pun by MP James Heappey — is below. Kathryn Krawczyk