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Saudi Arabia's women Uber drivers can opt to only pick up other women

Female Uber drivers in Saudi Arabia now have the option to only drive other female riders.

The feature began as a pilot program in September after a study found that 74 percent of prospective women drivers in the country were only interested in driving other women. The program launched three months after Saudi Arabia lifted the ban to allow women to drive in the country, reports Fast Company.

Globally, women have spoken out about the increased levels of harassment and assault they face as Uber drivers when driving male passengers. Uber has no plans to extend the female-only feature to drivers in other countries, per Fast Company. Female riders also can't request to be driven by a female driver.

Saudi Arabia recently announced regulations to work toward a more comfortable work environment for women and ensure that women be paid equally with men, reports Engadget. In its IPO-filing last week, Uber revealed that Saudi Arabia owns a 5 percent stake in the company.