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How Harry and Meghan's baby can ascend the throne

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal arrival has raised one big question: Just how royal is he?

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced the birth of their boy Monday morning, one big point was clear: The baby won't just automatically become the Earl of whatever of Sussex. In fact, the still-unnamed child is a far-flung seventh in line for the throne, and won't get a royal title unless Queen Elizabeth II gives him one.

After the 93-year-old queen, who's been ruling the United Kingdom for 67 years, her son Prince Charles would be the next to take the throne. Next up comes Charles' son Prince William, followed by the Duke of Cambridge's three young children: 6-year-old Prince George, then 4-year-old Princess Charlotte, and finally 1-year-old Prince Louis. Louis would've gotten precedence over Charlotte until 2011, when Queen Elizabeth changed an old rule that put men over women in the line of succession.

If William and Kate have any more children, they'll continue push Harry down the line of succession. Harry is currently in sixth, with his unnamed son now popping into the list at seventh. Of course, there's the possibility that George will have children before Harry gets his turn, meaning the newborn below him will have even less of a chance to rule.

Making matters even less royal, Harry and Meghan's baby still doesn't have a name or a title. The prince and princess designations usually only apply to the monarch's children and grandchildren, but Queen Elizabeth broke that rule and gave them to William and Kate's kids. Only time will tell if she'll do the same for Harry and Meghan.

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