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Late Night Tackles 2020

Stephen Colbert distills Democrat Andrew Yang's 2020 campaign down to 1 winning slogan

Stephen Colbert continued his look at the bumper crop of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates on Tuesday's Late Show. "Tonight's candidate started with zero name recognition and has held steady," he joked. That candidate, Andrew Yang, "has some unique policy positions. For example, he is opposed to circumcision, he is for legalizing marijuana, he supports revitalizing shuttered malls, and wants to instate a universal basic income of $1,000 a month. Which is why his campaign slogan is 'Andrew Yang 2020: Get High, Go to the Mall, Keep Your Foreskin, I'll Give You Money.' That is — he might win."

But Yang unveiled another campaign promise in a speech in Seattle last Friday, and Colbert was less enthused that the crowed about Yang's vow to become the first president to use PowerPoint in his State of the Union address. "Well, it's about damn time the leader of the free world stood in front of Congress and said, 'My fellow Americans, does anyone have an HDMI cable?'" Watch him act that out below. Peter Weber