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Late Night Tackles Trump versus Democrats

Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah translate Trump's confusing comments on impeachment, Russia's election aid

When outgoing Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally spoke on Wednesday, "he didn't reveal anything new, but he reiterated a key point of his report — he said that he couldn't charge president Trump with obstruction of justice, but Congress could hold him accountable," Trevor Noah said on Thursday's Daily Show. "Which really means one thing: impeachment. And now the Democrats are taking the impeachment torch from Mueller and running like hell."

Trump grew indignant when asked about impeachment Thursday morning, demonstrating some ignorance on the subject and calling impeachment "a dirty, filthy, disgusting word," Noah said. "And you can tell that Mueller's announcement has Trump shook, because this morning, in a tweet, he inadvertently acknowledged for the first time that Russia helped to get him elected." When Trump tried to correct his tweet, things got very Trump-y. Noah showed the video: "I feel like that's the difference between Trump and [Nancy] Pelosi — you don't have to manipulate Trump's footage to make him look drunk."

"So Russia did help you get elected!" Jimmy Kimmel said on Kimmel Live, recapping some of Trump's "Category 5 tweetstorm" Thursday morning. "He knows we're seeing his tweets, right?" Kimmel also showed more of Trump's on-camera denial of his own tweet. "I know it's a little confusing," he said. "Let me break it down in terms we can all understand: Basically, Russia is Lori Loughlin, Trump is her daughter, and the election was a rowing scholarship to USC."

Kimmel played more of Trump going "full supervillain mode" on impeachment and other subjects in his morning chat, joking that Trump "knows dirty, filthy, disgusting words — in fact, he's on tape saying a lot of them on a bus," and laughing at Trump's impeachment pushback: "He tells a lot of lies, but the biggest lie of all may be claiming to have read Article II of the Constitution — that did not happen." Watch below. Peter Weber