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Strange Bedfellows

Fox News' Tucker Carlson has some effusive, dubious praise for Elizabeth Warren

Tucker Carlson appears to have a bit of a policy crush on one of the 2020 Democrats. On his Fox News show Wednesday evening, Carlson read large segments from an "economic patriotism" proposal, then asked his viewers who "regularly vote Republican" if they disagreed with any of the statement. "Probably not," he said. "Here's the depressing part: Nobody you voted for said that, or would ever say it. ... Instead, the words you just heard are from — and brace yourself here — Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. It's true."

Congressional Republicans, in thrall to Wall Street and "libertarian zealots," failed to learn from the 2016 election and never "understood and embraced the economic nationalism that was at the heart of Donald Trump's presidential victory," Carlson said. But "many of Warren's policy prescriptions make obvious sense," like buying American and encouraging workplace apprenticeships. "She sounds like Donald Trump at his best," he added.

Warren, who has gotten enthusiastic applause in the heart of "Trump Country," doesn't appear to mutually admire Carlson and his network, having described Fox News as a "hate-for-profit racket that gives a megaphone to racists and conspiracists." And Carlson isn't going to rush out and endorse Warren — probably to Warren's relief. He said she is still a "race-hustling, gun-grabbing, abortion-extremist." But Warren is "clearer on economic nationalism than Mitch McConnell," Carlson said, and faint praise though that may be, it is praise nonetheless from a pro-Trump Fox News host. Just don't expect to see it in any Warren campaign ads.