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Jay Inslee prepped for the Democratic debate by drawing himself as a 'smiling alligator, wearing a tie at the podium'

There might be a reason why some say Washington Gov. Jay Inslee's smile is a bit unsettling.

The Democrat is one of the many low-profile 2020 candidates who squeezed his way onto the Democratic debate stage Wednesday night — though he ended up with the least speaking time of any contender up there. Perhaps that's because Inslee might be better off sketching out his climate-change-fighting ideas than speaking them, The Washington Post reports.

Inslee, the self-described "climate candidate" in the 2020 race, spent Wednesday morning "sockless" with his wife and campaign manager as he prepared for that night's NBC News/MSNBC debate, per the Post. He ran through his closing statement. He went on a four-mile walk, and he took a nap. And then, "on personalized stationery he doodled a sketch of himself as a smiling alligator, wearing a tie at a podium, on the debate stage," the Post writes. Only then was Inslee ready for the night.

But Inslee's toothy drawings didn't stop him from punting on what could've been an easy name drop for his No. 1 issue. When asked about the biggest geopolitical threat to America right now, Inslee answered "Donald Trump," to whooping applause. Four of his competitors then declared it was "climate change."