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Late night Tackles Trump and Guns

Stephen Colbert explains why El Paso's shunning Trump. Jimmy Kimmel and Brad Paisley offer a joyful antidote.

America is still reeling from the weekend's back-to-back mass shootings, Stephen Colbert said on Tuesday's Late Show. "And one of the disheartening aspects of any one of these tragedies — far too many — is how predictable every stage will be." One stage "of that tragic cycle is the president going to the community shattered by this violence — for instance, tomorrow the president's going to El Paso — but here's something different: They don't think he should come," he said. "It really speaks to your leadership when a town in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy thinks you would bring the mood down."

El Paso residents and lawmakers say Trump and his anti-Latino invectives are partly to blame for Saturday's shooting, especially since the shooter's manifesto echoed Trump's language. "And there another reason this visit is gonna be a little awkward," Colbert said: "Trump held a MAGA rally in El Paso back in February, and he still owes the city more than $470,000," plus $30,000 in late fees.

"Yesterday, we heard from someone whose name doesn't come up that often anymore," Barack Obama, Colbert said. He read part of the former president's racisim-decrying response to the shootings, and though "Obama never mentions a politician by name in this statement — hmm, who could it be? — well, the friendly friends over at Fox & Friends have a pretty good idea," Colbert said, cocking an eyebrow at Brian Kilmeade: "Wait, why are you acting so offended? Obama did not say Trump was the racist, you just did!"

Yes, "our president is building walls and telling people to go back where they came from," Jimmy Kimmel said at Kimmel Live, but "it's important to remember that many people still dream of becoming Americans," and some succeed. "I think becoming an American should be more exciting than a trip to the DMV, so tonight we've invited a group of brand new Americans — real new Americans — to come to this show for a big welcome to this country," Kimmel said. Brad Paisley came out to sing about their new freedoms. Watch below. Peter Weber