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Cardi B finally sits down with 'Daddy Bernie' to talk health care, immigration, and her favorite president

The most anticipated collaboration of the year finally dropped this morning and it turns out that Medicare-for-all is in fact one of the things Cardi B likes like that.

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper met up with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in a Detroit nail salon for a wide-ranging discussion that focused on Sanders' plans to reduce police violence, student loan debt, and expand access to health care, among other topics.

The meeting comes a month after the rapper endorsed Sanders' 2020 presidential run on Twitter. She also endorsed Sanders' run in 2016, when she posted a video to social media telling her fans to "vote for Daddy Bernie."

Sanders also took the opportunity to ask Cardi a few questions himself. "Do you get nervous when you do your big performances?" he asked, before pushing Cardi B to talk about her "favorite president," Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

"Me and his wife, we have the same birthday… I have a couple of reasons why I love FDR," the rapper said, also citing his ability to lead the country out of an economic depression while navigating the beginning of World War II.

"For me to know a president did that ... I mean come on now, he did the New Deal!" said Cardi, as Sanders nodded approvingly.

"I want to be your favorite after I'm elected!" quipped Sanders. Watch the full conversation below. Steven Orlofsky