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Conan O'Brien really did go to Greenland. Anderson Cooper cracks up as Conan previews his travelogue.

A lot of people laughed at President Trump's efforts to buy Greenland on behalf of the Unites States, at least at first, but Conan O'Brien finagled it into a travel opportunity. On the pretense of going to make sure the deal goes through, O'Brien announced on his late-night show that he would travel to Greenland — and he did, to the surprise of the people of Greenland, he told Anderson Cooper on CNN Monday night. Because of YouTube, "they knew that I said I was going to come," he explained. "What's amazing is how surprised they were that I actually came."

The fruits of that visit, Conan in Greenland, will air on TBS Tuesday night, and Cooper had a hard time keeping a straight face as Conan deadpanned his way through their interview. In particular, Cooper nearly started choking while playing a clip of O'Brien trying to read the local weather report in Nuuk, Greenland's capital.

O'Brien did more than just read the weather in hackneyed Greenlandic. He also took a tour of some lovely icebergs and mingled with some local residents, discovering that some of the children have unpronounceable names but will laugh at anything he said. You can watch Conan's full weather report fiasco below. Peter Weber