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It sure looks like Trump drew on an official weather map to make Hurricane Dorian seem headed for Alabama

If there's a massive, Sharpie-driven storm headed for Alabama, President Trump is surely to blame.

Trump's false forecast began with a Sunday tweet claiming Hurricane Dorian would hit "South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alabama ... harder than anticipated." Alabama forecasters and the National Weather Service's Birmingham branch quickly tweeted to say that was absolutely not true, but it didn't stop Trump from suggesting two more times that Dorian would "get a piece of" Alabama.

After another wave of corrections, Trump didn't issue one of his own. He instead attacked ABC News's Jon Karl for fixing the record and again falsely claimed that "it was in fact correct that Alabama could have received some 'hurt.'" It wasn't.

But it looks like Trump had to have the last word, or at least the last drawing. In a video tweeted by the White House on Wednesday, Trump holds up what he calls an early projection map of Hurricane Dorian that shows it headed for a direct hit on Florida. And at the end of that anticipated path, seemingly drawn on with a black marker, there's a very large and very unofficial pimple hovering right over Alabama.

Dorian only ended up grazing Florida after completely demolishing the northern Bahamas, and is now headed toward the Georgia and Carolina coasts.