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someone's gonna get hurt

Terrifyingly bipartisan guest list revealed for this year's Politicon

This political convention just looks like a melee waiting to happen.

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, fresh off the job. Former Democratic Sen. Al Franken, fresh off a New Yorker profile about how sad he is now. Clay Aiken, for some reason. All this and more is on the docket for this year's Politicon, which announced its wide-ranging, brawl-guaranteeing lineup on Tuesday.

Politicon, now in its fifth year, brands itself as an "unconventional political convention," though unconventional is perhaps too soft a term. Sure, former FBI Director James Comey has made the morning (and evening, and late night) show rounds, but now he'll appear on the same stage as Sanders, who spread misinformation about his firing. And Jordan Peterson, a men's rights advocate who, as far as we know, only eats beef, will for some reason give an uncontested keynote.

That poster, while headache-inducing, tells barely half the story. Find the whole lineup — including a bevvy of poorly cropped headshotshere.