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there's the beef

Jordan Peterson has an all-beef diet — and for $90, his daughter will tell you all about it

Jordan Peterson is a rising star among the politically incorrect, and he wants to introduce you to a hero of his own: beef.

The University of Toronto psychology professor uses his Twitter account and media appearances to slam left-wing ideas, particularly as he promotes his book 12 Rules for Life. But Peterson's pro-capitalism rants have transformed into nutrition tips, all promoting his daughter's 100 percent meat diet, BuzzFeed News reports.

Peterson has eaten nothing but meat and the occasional vegetable for the last two years, he shared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in July. Then he went full carnivore, and it may as well be his 13th rule. "I lost 50 pounds," Peterson said on the podcast. "I need way less sleep ... And my gum disease is gone. Like, what the hell?" Peterson's broccoli ban also cured the depression he's had for the last 40 years, apparently.

These miraculous results are all thanks to Peterson's daughter Mikhaila, who similarly claims beef and sparkling water has cured her depression, per BuzzFeed News. She runs a diet blog called Don't Eat That, and she'll share her secrets with you for about $90 — $120 Canadian — in an hour-long Skype session.

Doctors don't exactly condone the Peterson diet, warning BuzzFeed News of the major cholesterol these carnivores are taking in. But if it's good enough for a patriarchal prodigy, a diet blogger, and even her 1-year-old daughter, maybe it's good enough for everyone?