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2020 Democratic debates

Andrew Yang campaign mysteriously teases he'll do 'something no presidential candidate has ever done before' at Thursday's debate

Could entrepreneur Andrew Yang become the first presidential candidate in history to crowd surf his way into a presidential debate?

The 2020 Democrat's campaign Wednesday mysteriously teased to The Daily Beast's Sam Stein that at tomorrow night's Democratic presidential debate, he's going to do "something no presidential candidate has ever done before in history."

No other information was provided, though this comes after Yang crowd-surfed at a 2020 town hall, opening up the possibility he'll double down on this virality to become the cycle's official crowd-surfing candidate.

But it's anyone's guess what shenanigans Yang might have in store. Will he be the first presidential candidate to drop out of the race during a debate? The first to complain about his microphone being off while actually speaking into a working microphone? The first to dedicate his opening statement to singing the full Cheers theme song? Or will it be something far more boring, with this tease being little more than an attempt to direct the Twitterverse's attention to a debate performance that would have otherwise made no impression outside of the Yang Gang? As President Trump might say, we'll see what happens.