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Watch 2020 candidate Tom Steyer react to the impeachment news on live TV

Tom Steyer is having a pretty good day.

Despite earning some pretty dismal primary poll numbers on Tuesday, the billionaire and 2020 Democrat was still smiling during his afternoon appearance on MSNBC. That's because multiple news sources were reporting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) would announce an impeachment inquiry against President Trump that afternoon — something Steyer has spent months and millions trying to make happen.

Before he launched his 2020 bid, Steyer had been on a yearslong quest to impeach Trump. He even declined a presidential run earlier this year in favor of a $1 million ad buy for his "Need to Impeach" campaign. Of course, he later upended that promise and starting running for president, but his MSNBC appearance reveals that hasn't changed how he feels about impeachment. As host Katy Tur breaks the news to him, Steyer cracked a smile and even laughed a bit, and then unsurprisingly defended Pelosi's decision. Watch his whole reaction below. Kathryn Krawczyk