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double standard

Eric Trump brags about foreign development deal right after complaining about the supposed corruption of Joe Biden's son

Irony is dead.

Eric Trump took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon to agree with Fox News' Mark Levin, who complained that lawmakers "can't touch Hunter Biden" over the supposed corruption scandal President Trump has been harping on about, but can subpoena the Trump siblings.

In his very next tweet, the president's son bragged about securing a new phase of Trump Organization development in Scotland.

Of course, this tweet came smack-dab in the middle of of an impeachment inquiry stemming from the president's urging of a Ukrainian investigation into Hunter Biden's business deals in Ukraine while his father, Joe Biden, was vice president.

Eric previously called on Democrats to launch their own investigation into the "alleged Biden family corruption," and decried the "double standard" between the treatment of Hunter Biden and the Trump siblings as "disgusting."

At least next time he wants to lament the inequity among White House families, he can do it from his newly-acquired Scottish cottage.