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Rudy Giuliani and Hunter Biden worked 'on the same side' in Romania

If Rudy Giuliani keeps digging into Hunter Biden's past, he's going to find someone familiar.

After Biden joined the Ukrainian company that Giuliani has such a problem with, he spent time in Romania defending a real estate mogul accused of corruption. There's no evidence of wrongdoing by Biden in Romania, but there's definitely a bit of awkwardness considering Giuliani ended up defending the same man, NBC News reports.

Biden began working with Romanian businessman Gabriel "Puiu" Popoviciu in 2016, the same year Popoviciu was convicted for "abusing his position" to engage in corrupt land deals, NBC News writes. Biden was brought on to help Popoviciu's appeal, along with former FBI Director Louis Freeh. NBC News says it's "unclear" just how much work Biden did, and Popoviciu ultimately lost his case.

Yet even after Popoviciu went to jail, Freeh kept working for him. And last year, "he tapped Giuliani, his longtime friend, to assist in his Romanian work," NBC News writes. That essentially amounted to Giuliani "working on the same side as the younger Biden in Romania," NBC News continues. Giuliani's work included writing a letter to Romania's president and prime minister asking them to tamper down their corruption fight — the opposite of the message former Vice President Joe Biden gave when he visited the country and gave a speech in 2014.

This report comes just after Giuliani said he'd start focusing on Hunter Biden's work in Romania soon. Read more about the unlikely connection at NBC News.