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Twitter is officially banning political ads

Jack Dorsey couldn't make this massive Twitter announcement without a little subtweet.

The Twitter CEO announced Wednesday that the social platform would stop running all political ads, including those from candidates and issue ads. It comes just after Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has refused to do the same, and as foreign influence has already been found to be creeping into the next presidential election discussion.

Dorsey explained his decision in a Twitter thread, centering his reasoning around the concept that "political message reach should be earned, not bought."

Dorsey went on to take a few blatant shots at Zuckerberg and his fears that banning political ads would benefit incumbents, obviously parodying Zuckerberg's arguments in a tweet.

He also went on to call for more political ad regulation, and again say the ad ban "isn't about free expression," but about "paying for reach." The new policy will be made public by Nov. 15 and go into effect Nov 22. Find Dorsey's whole reasoning here.