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like father like son

Donald Trump Jr. debuts at No. 1 on the bestseller list — but there's a catch

The New York Times' bestseller list is not exactly as it appears.

Yes, Donald Trump Jr., the president's son and self-proclaimed "general in the meme wars," saw his book Triggered debut at No. 1 on The New York Times' bestseller list on Wednesday evening. But that's likely in part because some bulk orders of the book helped him seal the deal.

The bestseller list through Nov. 24 debuted Wednesday, putting Trump Jr's book on "How the left thrives on hate and wants to silence us" at the top of the list. Yet next to that title, there's a little dagger mark. It indicates "institutional, special interest, group or bulk purchases," which the list takes into account when formulating its rankings, the Times explains. Essentially, there's a strong chance Trump Jr.'s camp organized some big orders to get his book the best billing.

Regardless of the possibly rigged ranking, Trump Jr. got what he likely wanted out of the top spot: a congratulatory tweet from his father. After all, he was just copying the bulk-buying method President Trump has been perfecting for decades.