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Elizabeth Warren once held campaign event at restaurant with 'wine vault'

Is a good old fashioned winery no longer good enough for people these days?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has been a vocal critic of big money donors and fundraising in campaigns, calling out South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg for attending a fundraiser at a "wine cave." But Warren herself has a troubled past when it comes to drinking wine in elaborate places.

While running for U.S. Senate, Warren reportedly held an event at a restaurant boasting a "wine vault," per The Washington Post. The restaurant also featured wine reaching the price of $3,800 a bottle.

Warren went after Buttigieg in the last Democratic debate, saying the next president shouldn't be chosen by billionaires in wine caves (although she said nothing of billionaires in wine vaults). Warren's own wine-centric event took place in October 2017, per the Post, and had a $1,000 per-attendee price tag. Warren, for her part, has acknowledged she used to have a big donor program but now thinks there is a "better" way to do things.

The Post's revelation does provide some good fodder for the next Democratic primary debate, though. Which came first: the wine cave or the wine vault?