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Has Trump learned from impeachment? No 'strong indicators this week,' Murkowski says.

Has President Trump learned a lesson from impeachment? Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) isn't seeing a tremendous amount of evidence lately.

The Alaska senator who voted in favor of acquitting Trump earlier this month spoke to reporters Wednesday and was asked if she believes Trump learned a lesson after becoming the third president in U.S history to be impeached in the House of Representatives. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) argued he would, saying earlier this month the president "will be much more cautious in the future" and "has learned from this case."

But Murkowski told reporters on Wednesday, "There haven't been any strong indicators this week that he has."

This comes a day after all four prosecutors in the Roger Stone case quit after the Department of Justice changed course on its recommendation of a seven to nine year sentence for the former Trump adviser; the reversal followed an angry tweet from Trump, who on Wednesday congratulated Attorney General Bill Barr "for taking charge of a case that was totally out of control."

Asked the same question about whether Trump learned from impeachment, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Wednesday reportedly laughed and observed, "He seems the same as he did two weeks ago."