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Number of coronavirus cases in U.S. surges past 3,000

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. surged past 3,000 on Sunday, with at least 61 deaths, according to CDC and government data. Across the country, several cities and states announced further measures to limit the spread of the disease, including the closure of restaurants, bars, and nightlife venues. New York City Public Schools, the nation's largest school district, announced that all schools would be closed starting Monday. Meanwhile at the White House, President Trump claimed the government had "tremendous control" over the situation.

Internationally, Italy saw its deadliest day since the outbreak began, with 368 new deaths reported Sunday, bringing the country's total death toll from COVID-19 to more than 1,800. Other countries in Europe, including France, Germany, and Spain all announced harsher social distancing policies and immigration controls in response to sharply rising case numbers. Bryan Maygers