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Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift back at each other's throats over that 2016 phone call

Remember the good ol' days of 2016, back when you were still allowed to go outside? That was also the year that Taylor Swift called Kanye West's reference to her in his song "Famous" "misogynistic," prompting Kim Kardashian to post snippets of a phone call in which Swift appeared to have pre-approved the lyrics.

Kardashian and Swift's feud reignited after the full call leaked online on Friday, with Swift responding Monday night on Instagram to say that it "[proved] that I was telling the truth the whole time" about not specifically okaying Kanye to say, "I made that b---- famous" in his song.

Kardashian hit back hours later, tweeting that the "only issue" she'd had all along was Swift claiming West hadn't discussed the song with in any way, and that the leaked call "doesn't change the narrative." Kardashian concluded, "this will be the last time I speak on this because honestly, nobody cares."