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Richard Simmons 'returns' for the first time in 6 years to help you stay in shape during lockdown

Oh yeah, we're gonna shake it up! After a six year absence, beloved fitness guru Richard Simmons is "back" to help you get into shape during quarantine.

Yet the 71-year-old exercise mogul — who is so reclusive that his absence sparked the popular podcast Missing Richard Simmons in 2017 — has "still not decided when or if he'll make a return to the spotlight," TMZ reports. Instead, beginning about three weeks ago, Simmons' YouTube and Twitter accounts started sharing vintage workout routines, marking their first activity since February 2014.

"We have had an overwhelming request for Richard to return in some way as a comfort to all dealing with the pandemic," a representative explained to Fox News on Friday. "We thought we would start by re-releasing some workouts and other inspirational content on his [YouTube] channel. Richard is very touched by the outreach." Jeva Lange