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Trump casually accuses Joe Scarborough of murder while live tweeting Morning Joe

President Trump took a break from Fox & Friends and replaced it with a bit of conspiracy theorizing.

On Tuesday, Trump spent his morning on a live-tweeting spree, clearly watching MSNBC's Morning Joe for part of it. He met every topic host Joe Scarborough brought up with a rebuttal of his own and, at one point casually repeated an unfounded claim suggesting Scarborough is connected to a murder.

That was an apparent reference to the 2001 death of Lori Klausutis, who was found dead in Scarborough's office when he was a GOP congressman. She was found to have an undiagnosed heart condition and died after passing out and hitting her head when she fell, Politico notes. Trump has tossed around this conspiracy several times as his dislike of Scarborough has grown. Scarborough was told about the tweet while live on air, and called it "extraordinarily cruel." "Donald, for your sake, and for the sake of America, you need to stop watching our show, okay? It's not good for you," Scarborough said.

If it wasn't clear enough that Trump was watching, when Scarborough brought up governors' approval ratings, coronavirus testing rates, and Republicans critical of Trump's COVID-19 response, the president had a tweet to match.