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What Republicans want in the next coronavirus stimulus bill

Republicans want to send out another round of stimulus checks, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced Tuesday.

Congress reconvened Monday to discuss a fourth coronavirus aid package aimed to help the record number of Americans who are unemployed as COVID-19 continues to spread. Democrats back a $3.5 trillion plan passed by the House in May, while Republicans are seeking a smaller $1 trillion package and slamming the Democrats' bill as unrealistic, McConnell told the Senate.

The Democrats' bill includes another round of $1,200 stimulus payments sent to all Americans, including dependents over 17 years old and immigrants left out of the initial round. Republicans also back more stimulus checks, but McConnell hasn't said how much the party would support nor what restrictions would be placed on their distribution.

The GOP's stimulus proposal will also include another, more targeted batch of loans to businesses, and some money for vaccine development and child care. Democrats meanwhile back hazard pay for essential workers, and billions in funding for coronavirus testing, rent and mortgage relief, and state and local governments.

McConnell didn't mention an extension of the $600 per week boost given to people receiving unemployment benefits. The provision from the last stimulus bill expires at the end of July, even though some unemployed people still haven't gotten those benefits to begin with. Senate Democrats have called for the boost to be extended and phased out only after state unemployment rates drop below certain levels.