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the space force horse of course

The Space Force has a horse, for some reason

The newest branch of the military has a new addition.

In a Thursday video, the 30th Space Wing of the U.S. Space Force introduced Ghost, its newest Military Working Horse. The video also made it clear that the 20th Space Wing has several horses despite being the branch of the military that could probably least use a horse, though horses in a plane or boat probably aren't a good idea either.

Of course, as the video makes clear, the formerly wild mustang acquired through the Bureau of Land Management won't be achieving zero gravity anytime soon. Ghost will be used to monitor the 30th Space Wing's Vandenberg Air Force base as part of its Conservation Military Working Horse force, helping military members reach parts of the California coastal base that aren't easily accessible by foot or vehicle.

Watch Ghost keep his four hooves firmly planted on the ground in the video below. Kathryn Krawczyk