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The Lincoln Project savagely reminds America of everything it has lost due to 'Trump's virus'

Amid all the fights over wearing masks, keeping a safe distance apart, and opening businesses and schools, Americans presumably agree on at least one thing: COVID-19 has been terrible — socially, economically, in thousands of little ways, dozens of big ones. That's the starting point for a new Lincoln Project ad released Tuesday, capitalizing on President Trump's dismal approval ratings on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and making that personal.

The ad starts with some "memories COVID took from us," things like birthday parties for children, weddings, first kisses, communal prayer, high school football, being with elderly parents as they die. "COVID has robbed America of so much," the narrator says. "None of this had to happen. We have suffered needlessly because Trump is a fool, a liar, and a failure. Most countries stopped it. Trump refused. It's Trump's virus now."

The ad ends with what the anti-Trump Republicans behind the PAC see as the stakes in November: "It truly is a choice: America or Trump."